I do remember seeing a movie on television back when I was a child that was about three horror related stories, Trilogy of Terror. The third and final story was about Amelia, played by Karen Black, who bought a Zuni devil doll as a gift from a curio shop. When she reads the instruction to her mom, who is on the other end of a phone conversation, she reaches the part that states “do not remove the gold chain, ” she accidentally does the oposite. Then all hell breaks loose for about 13 minutes.

After the movie was over and the local news was on, I remember lying in bed, when all night noises are exaggerated, worrying and thinking that my younger sister Nanette’s dolls would come to life and punish me for what ever destructive wrath that my Tonka construction equipment unleashed upon them.

Then my final though before drifting off to sleep, ” Why would you buy a kid a killer Zuni doll?”


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