Well, it’s been almost two months since I posted an update about the garden. Things are going and looking good. Harvested a huge crop of radishes, they were delicious, especially in salads.

The onions are also looking good, and I am looking forward to sampling some of those.

This has been an unusually cool and rainy spring for central Arizona. The greenhouse has been fairing well, with minimal temperature monitoring from me other than opening the door and activating misters at the appropriate times.

The biggest harvest so far are the many peppers of various kinds, but really healthy.

I do have lettuce, lots of it, but still am having issues with growing it in abundance in the garden and the greenhouse in the spring season, but way better than spring 2018.

Tomatoes are coming along fine, I have four different types, two of which were grown from seeds in the greenhouse and transplanted into the garden.

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Looking forward to a monster garden salad… will keep you posted with more detail.

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