In my teenage years, we were eagerly waiting for cable television to get to our side of the metropolitan area. Cable service was slowly making its way through Southern California.
1978: Before cable, we had what was called ONTV subscription television, a UHF based service that required us to have a special antenna on the roof. In the Los Angeles area ONTV bounced off channel 52 and I remembered it offering feature movies, sporting events, and some original TV shows. It was also the first place where I saw music videos.
There were two subscription services that competed in the Southland, one was ONTV and the other was Select TV. After subscribing to cable in the summer of 83, ONTV offered a special deal, and we were able to keep our converter box until late 1985 when the company went out of business. By that time, we had cable for a number of years and we began to rent VHS movies.


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