It was late after visiting my Dad in the hospital last Thursday night. I stopped by Target to pick up a few grocery items, and I wasn’t alone. There were quite a few late night shoppers milling about, gathering various items from the grocery section or other areas of the mega-store.

They finally opened more registers after the only two were overwhelmed by us night shoppers. I was second in line behind a group of seemingly impulse shopping. The y were finalizing their purchases, when my internal proximity warning kicked in… A man behind me was impatiently crowding me. I had three bags worth of groceries, the ladies before me had a significant amount of groceries. This guy was purchasing one item. After I reached the cashier and was paying for my purchase and trying to translate the cashier’s side of the quick dialog between us, I looked over and noticed what the rather impatient man was purchasing… Whip Cream.

Now, another alarm went off in my mind… But I decided not to judge him right away. I came up with a list of reasons for the purchase:

  1. He had some strawberries that was going rotten by midnight and he had to make strawberry short cakes in a hurry.Hot chocolate vintage
  2. He was five minutes late to a ten PM ice cream social.

Never mind, I think that it was for some other reason. He fast walked passed me as I was nearing my car. He hoped into his crossover and quickly sped away.

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