I haven’t seen the sci fi film Skyline since it’s premiere at a local theater here in Phoenix back in November 2010. In my opinion, it was extremely bad.

Well, last night it was on the SyFy Channel, and I, reluctantly, glanced a few times. Like a deja vu, or a Groundhog Day scenario where you know a horrific train wreck is about to happen I watched, thinking to myself that I might have been a bit hasty in my assessment and unfairly judged this film through some overly high standards…. I watched and nahhhhhhh… I was right the first time… How it could be possible that it was worse the second time is beyond me.

SyFy managed to foul up the only redeeming part of the movie, the cool anime style ending  with the newly converted hero of the film battling to protect his pregnant girlfriend from the alien battle beasts during the credits. Well they cut that down and sped up the credits to put a side graphic preview box previewing another crappy SyFy movie that was coming soon. There was a lesson to be learned here, but I can’t think of what that is… Oh well…

Don’t be fooled by the kick ass trailer!

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