I remember starting this blog four months ago and had always planned to come back to it, but, better late than never.

As I continue this journey to personal reclamation, I can’t help but think of what could have been. If I can go back in time and start back on a portion of my life time line to a point back in 2004, and randomly pick a day before my life turned towards the storm… Then I digress, and realize that, currently, time travel is not possible. So the journey continues. I am seeing better scenery and sunnier days. Things are becoming easier for me as I travel. Enough metaphors…

My obsession with the production of the web series has gone from a kind of hobby to a full blown second job. Soon, my main job will become my secondary job as the momentum of the series progresses.

Well, these first few entries will be planned out and the rest will be spontaneous, for the most part. I will go into detail on my web series and why it is important that I see it through.

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